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Mr. Yacov Nutov

Position: Hydraulic and Hydraustructure Engineer

Key Qualifications

Experience of 50 years in hydraulic structure engineering, including planning and design of all forms of hydraulic works such as river diversion structures, intakes, canals dams, dams, siphons, reservoirs and pumping stations for water supply and irrigation projects.

Sample projects at home include design and supervision of construction of the 8 million cu.m Eynan reservoir and 5,500 cu.m/hr intake and pumping station for water supply from the reservoir to Upper galilee (1982). Projects abroad include the design of typical hydraulic structures and pumping stations for the Alto Plura project, Peru (1988), detailed design and supervision of construction of the typical irrigation unit in the Bhairawal-Lumblnl project, Nepal (1978-1979), and planning and detailed design of irrigation and drainage systems in the Bajo Yuna project, Dominican Republic (1977).


Kishinev Institute of Technology - 1956 M.Sc. in Hydraulic Engineering.

Experience record

1992- Present    Lavi - Natif corseting  engineers - design of hydraulic structures. 

1991-1992         Balasha - Jalon Consulting  Engineers Ltd. In charge of design
                        of Hydraulic Structures in Dead Sea Works -flood control schemes,
                        Lagos, Nigeria - Drainage scheme, Netania - Wastewater treatment
                        plant and others.

1974-1991         Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd. Engaged in planning and design of
                        hydraulic works and structures in the framework of the company's
                        projects at home and abroad Main projects.

1981-1988         Israel. Responsible for design of a series of major intakes, pumping
                        station and reservoirs for water supply to various regions of the country:

  • Design of 6,000 cu.m/hr Yargat intake and pumping station on the Jordan River for water supply to Lower Galilee (1988).
  • Design of 3,500 cu.m/hr intake and pumping station for water supply to Lower Galilee from Azorim Reservoir (1987).
  • Design and supervision of construction of 8 million cu.m Eynan storage reservoir, and 5,500 cu.m/hr intake and pumping station for water supply to Upper Galilee (1982).
  • Design of intake and pumping station for water supply to the Jezreel Valley from Ma'ale Hakishon reservoir, the design included construction of two towers, with access bridges, equipped with gates at 5 different elevation to permit withdrawal of water at the level of the best quality (1981).

1988 Peru.        Design of typical hydraulic structures and pumping stations for the Alto Plura
                        irrigation project covering 40,000 hs.

1979-1987         Dead Sea Works, Israel. Design of hydraulic works for flood control, dams,
                        stream regulation, evaporation pans, channels, hydraulic structures, and 
                        pumping stations,  for production of salts from Dead Sea brines by means
                        of evaporation pans. Work including selection of pumps and accessories.

1978-1979         Nepal. Irrigation and drainage engineer, Bhalrawa-Lumbini Irrigation project.
                        Responsible for detailed design and supervision of construction of the
                        prototype irrigation unit of 7,500 ha.

1977                 Dominican Republic. Planning and detailed design of irrigation and drainage
                        systems, including all appurtenant structures, of the Bajo Yuna irrigation
                        and flood control project.

1979 Israel        Design of cross drainage structures of a major highway and railway in
                        southern Israel. Was also responsible for all field investigations.

1974-1976         Jordan River drainage and flood control project. Design of a wide variety
                        hydraulic structures.

1965-1974         Moldavia water company. Director of Irrigation and Drainage Division and
                        Chief Project Engineer. Directed and supervised field investigations and
                        the preparation of plans and designs of irrigation and drainage systems
                        of numerous medium and large scale irrigation projects, amongst them
                        an irrigated agricultural project covering an area of 30,000 ha which
                        included small dams and reservoirs, spillways, intakes, covariance and
                        distribution systems and their appurtenances.

1960-1965         Municipal Buildings and Development Co., Moldavia. Site Engineer and
                        Team Leader of project engineering teams. Supervised the construction
                        of earthworks, infrastructure (roads, water supply and sewerage), concrete
                        and brick structures, responsibilities included quality and quantity
                        supervision and preparation of construction drawings.

1956-1960         Chief engineer of project flood carfare drainage and irrigation, covering
                        of 40,000 hd in the walley of dhasur and bruit  rivers.

Affiliations:       Registered Engineer in Israel.

Languages:     Speaking         Reading           Writing

English             good                 good                 good    

Rumanian         excellent           excellent           excellent

Russian            excellent           excellent           excellent

Hebrew             excellent           excellent           excellent

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