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International Projects Treatment Plants (W.W.T.P. & W.T.P) Storm Water & Drainage Sewage Water

Mr. Benny Dalins

Position: Chief Engineer

Academic Credentials:

1981     B.Sc Agriculture Engineering Cum Laude,
            Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
1986     M.Sc Agriculture Engineering,
            Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
            Research Thesis: Synthesis of the net work graph in multi quality water systems.
2003     MBA Master of Business Administration, Heriot - Watt - University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Employment Record:
1998-present                 - H.G.M. Infrastructures Desing (1998) Ltd.
1992-Present                 - T.L.M. Engineering Ltd.
1985-1992                     - Balasha-Jalon Engineering Ltd.
1981-1983                     - Haifa Municipality Water Department

Principal Areas of Expertise:

General and detailed Desing
Master plans
Process design treatment plants.

Professional Activities and Membership:

Member of Israel Society of Engineers

Professional Record:

Mr. Dalins joined T.L.M. at 1992 after 7 years of working for Balasha-Jalon Consulting and Engineers Ltd. And after 2 years of working for Haifa Municipality. He took part in design of rural, and municipal water supply schemes, including intakes, pumping stations, mechanical and eletrical equipment distribution systems and reservoirs. He is experienced in design and supervision of cunstruction of municipal sewerage schemes comprising sewer networks, sewage pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, including their mechanical and electrical equipment, and planning and design of agricultural irrigation and drainage systems; reservoirs of storage of treated effluent and flood water, including intakes and outlet structures pumping station, etc.

Projects Mr. Dalins was directly responsible for:

  • Qiryat Yam, Israel (1991 population of about 55,000), Master plan for water supply scheme.
  • North Jerusalem, Israel (1985 population of about 250,000), Master plan for drainage scheme.
  • Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Beit Jala (1987-1989 total population of about 150,000). Sewerage system consisting of 100 kms of sewers and collectors, sewage pumping stations with capacities to 1000 cu.m./hr.
  • Waste water earth reservior with a capacity of 1,000,000 cu.m., lower galilee region.
  • Haifa, Israel (population of about 300,000).
    Design of main sewage interceptor.
    Diameter 1000mm, length of about 3Km.
  • Haifa, Israel (population of about 300,000).
    Design of main water supply pipe diameter 20" length of about 5Km.
  • Design and supervision of waste water treatment plant (WWTP) for lower Galilee region, S.B.R process, first stage flow 12,000 cu.m./day, final stage 18,000 cu.m/day. Effluent guality 20/30. The plant has been running for 3 years.
  • Design and supervision of activated sludge, WWTP in Yavniel, by extended aeration, daily flow 1,000 cu.m/day. Effluent guality 20/30. The plant has been running for 3 years.
  • Design and supervision of activated sludge WWTP in Hazor'im, by extended aeration, daily flow 250 cu.m/day, Effluent guality 20/30. The plant has been running for 2 years.
  • Detailed design of activated sludge WWTP in Kiryat Gat (DBOT),
    First Stage 12,000 cu.m./day, Final Stage 24,000 cu.m./day,
    Effluent quality 20/30.
  • Detailed design of activated sludge WWTP in Livnim (DBOT),
    Stage 1 - 8,000 cu.m./day, Final Stage - 12,000 cu.m./day,
    Effluent quality 10/10.
  • Alava, Spain-Master plan for Irrigation of 20,000 ha.
  • Caseres, Spain-Master plan for Irrigation of 2000 ha.
  • Funes, Spain-Detailed design of Irrigation system for 500 ha.
  • Nigeria - for Gilmor (Nigeria) Ltd.
    Design of water supply system for the city of Azare, including well field with 42 boreholes, 3 pumping stations, 3 reservoirs of 2000m3 each, 30 km of 500 mm diameter pipeline ($15M).
  • Jamaica - general and detailed design for a regional water supply scheme to serve the Duncans tourism area, including pumping stations, storage reservoirs and conveyance pipelines ($5M).
  • Nigeria - Ishiagu water project, process design for water treatment plant, capacity of 20,800 m3/day.
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