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International Projects Treatment Plants (W.W.T.P. & W.T.P) Storm Water & Drainage Sewage Water
Master Plan for the city of Rishon Leziyon
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Storm Water & Drainage

Main Collector
Main Collector
Pre Fabricated Element
Pre Fabricated Element

Storm Water Drainage Systems Design

Master Plans for Rishon LeZion, Kiryat Ata, Jededeh Maker, Binyamina.

Detailed design and overall supervision of Drainage pipelines Kiryat Ata 100 cm dia, 2 km; drainage conduit in K. Ata 1.5X2.5 m.

Detailed design and overall supervision of Regional Drainage Scheme for part of Rishon LeZion, Holon, Bat Yam, etc ($7M).


Rain Water Reservoir on Hanon River including dam, for 80 cu.m./sec - 300,000 cu. m. with intake from principal canal.

Lower Galilee Reservoir - lined - 1,250,000 cu.m.

Kfar Manda - Yodfat Effluent Reservoir - 250,000 cu.m. with 400 Ha irrigation to small plots.

Hulata - Yesod HaMaalah Effluent Reservoir - 300,000 cu.m. + river intake.

Mishmar HaYarden Effluent Reservoir - 200,000 cu.m.

Lower Galilee - Sirin effluent reservoir - 3,250,000 cu.m. + irrigation system for 3,000 Ha with small sub reservoir 8,000 cm, 16,000 cu.m.

Fasuta effluent reservoir - 280,000 cu.m.

Water, Sewage and Drainage Utilities in New Neighborhoods

General and Detailed Design and overall supervision of sewer and drainage systems of Western Rishon LeZion neighborhoods - 20,000 housing units.

Design of water and sewer systems for various neighborhoods in Akko - 8,400 housing units.

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