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International Projects Treatment Plants (W.W.T.P. & W.T.P) Storm Water & Drainage Sewage Water

International Projects

Owiwi Dam Nigeria
Out Let Tower
Owiwi Dam Nigeria <br>Out Let Tower
Owiwi Dam Chute
Owiwi Dam Chute
Goronyo Dam New Intake
Goronyo Dam New Intake
Goronyo Dam New Intake
Goronyo Dam New Intake
Goronyo Dam -
Coffer Dam for New Intake
Goronyo Dam - <br>Coffer Dam for New Intake
low lift pumping station
on the Makurdi river
low lift pumping station<br> on the Makurdi river
Owiwi water treatment plant
Owiwi water treatment plant
  • Cyprus - for the Denya Company.
    Design of infrastructure utilities for a neighborhood of 1000 lots - including site development, roads, water supply, sewage, and storm water drainage.
  • Guyana, South America.
    Master plans for drainage and for water supply.
  • Bolivia - for the Oruru Regional Council.
    Design of Industrial zone in Oruru on land area of 2000 dunams (2,000,000 m2) - including   site development, roads, water supply, sewage, and stormwater drainage.
  • Nigeria - for HFP, Yaakov Hai.
    Design of 2 housing developments in the suburbs of Lagos with 500 housing units each, including site development, roads, water supply, sewage, and stormwater drainage. Development and infrastructure systems design for a factory for prefabricated aluminum near Lagos. Development and infrastructure systems design for a coffee factory.
  • Nigeria - for Gilmor (Nigeria) Ltd.
    Design of water supply system for the city of Azare, including well field with 42 boreholes, 3 pumping stations, 3 reservoirs of 2000m3 each, 30 km of 500 mm diameter pipeline ($15M).
  • Nigeria Ishiagu - Design of a water treatment plant -21,000 cu.m/day including
    river diversion and intake.
  • Nigeria-OWIWI DAM 30,000,000 cu.m.22 m. hight with w.t.p.250cu.m/hr and irrigation
    zone of 1000ha and p.s 5,000cu.m/hr.
  • Nigeria Makurdi water treatment plant 100,000 m3/day.
  • Nigeria - Abuja Technology Village - water/and/sewage system + w.w.t.p.
  • ‎Nigeria - Goronyo Dam - 80 million cubic meter [m3]- new intake 8 m3/sec and channel
  • Jamaica - general and detailed design for a regional water supply scheme to serve the Duncans tourism area, including pumping stations, storage reservoirs and conveyance pipelines ($5M).
  • Venezuela - Analysis and consulting for sewerage conveyance system for Los Roques.
  • Bulgaria - Klamantzi Varna - water sewage drainage and w.w.t.p to a new neighborhood
    of up 20,000 residents.
  • Romania - Voluntari Bukarest - water/sewage/drainage/gas/electricity to a new neighborhood
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