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International Projects Treatment Plants (W.W.T.P. & W.T.P) Storm Water & Drainage Sewage Water

About Us

Services Provided by H.G.M.

Planning covering all stages:

Preparing master plans for localities based on town plans.

Preparing general plans, feasibility studies and technical reports.

Submitting plans to various committees, such as the National Water Sector Administration, National Sewerage Administration, planning and permitting committees and district sewage committees.

Preparing detailed construction drawings taking into consideration topography surveys and present and future land use.

Overall supervision of projects through completion of construction.

In our role as regular consultants for numerous clients, our company designs rehabilitation of existing utilities as well as designing new neighborhoods and new developments.

Water - Design of infrastructure systems for water supply, from the water source to the homes or industrial buildings being supplied, including pipe networks, hydraulic design, pumping facilities, irrigation networks and reservoir/storage facilities.

Sewage - Design of infrastructure systems for sewage collection from the source, and conveyance to the facilities for treatment and disposal, including pipe networks, pumping facilities, treatment facilities.

Storm Water Drainage - Design of infrastructure systems for storm water collection, conveyance

Partial List of Clients

H.G.M. provides consulting and design services for tens of local authorities, municipalities, regional councils and government ministries including:

  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  • Agricultural Ministry
  • Defense Ministry
  • Defense Ministry
  • Israel National Water Commission
  • National Sewerage Administration
  • National Water Sector Administration
  • Ports and Railway Authority
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